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Skyline Home Loans is commited to protecting your information and privacy.
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Take Charge of Your Loan

At New Leaf Lending, we believe in empowerment. That means letting you take control of the home finance process by providing all the data and tools necessary to price, process and close your own home loan online saving you valuable time and money with rates among the lowest. With New Leaf Lending you’re in charge of your home loan. Review documents, check forms and research prices at your own speed. At New Leaf Lending we offer a full range of solutions so you get the home loan that’s right for you.

Save Money

Securing your loan online saves money, but New Leaf Lending goes further than cost savings. We provide powerful online tools, detailed information, explanatory notes, and live support. We’re a one-stop-shopping source for home loans. Old-fashioned paper loan applications are inefficient, time consuming and costly. Data captured in front-end sales is often duplicated in the back-end approval process. Paper data necessitates copies of copies, faxes, scans and other inefficiencies. Our proprietary, encrypted electronic process removes much of the cost from the loan application and approval process. We pass these savings along to you. We have negotiated the best rates with vendors providing title, escrow, appraisal and other necessary services and integrated our technology in order to provide one of the lowest prices, without affecting the security of the data provided.

Ongoing support

Our ongoing alerts and rate checks notify you of market changes that occur during the loan approval process that might impact your choice of loan. Because your relevant data is already in the system, you can adjust quickly to take advantage of market fluctuations. We even follow your transaction throughout the life of your loan, providing you with periodic checks to help ensure your loan is the best value to you now and into the future.

Safety & Security

We use the highest levels of encryption and store your documents in an online vault, assigning security levels that ensure your sensitive data is viewed only by authorized staff. Traditional paper loan applications can be lost, improperly disposed of – even left unsecured on a processor’s desk. New Leaf Lending keeps your transaction 100% electronic, eliminating the worry that sensitive information will fall into the wrong hands. We store encrypted documents in a secure online eVault. Each document is assigned security levels to ensure that only authorized staff views your data. Data is passed from channel to channel electronically so you know where it is at all times.


At New Leaf Lending you receive ALL documents pertaining to underwriting including your appraisal, title policy, escrow, and inspection reports. We ensure you know where your money, documents and data are at all times. We help you understand your role in the transaction-and the cost for each service while easily completing your loan online.

Simplicity / Ease of Use

Our website puts you in control, letting technology drive value and ease of use to search, qualify for and obtain the right loan. We demystify the loan process. We get rid of as much legalese as possible and writing instructions and forms are in plain, easy-to-understand terminology with clear, straightforward explanations. Once you enter your information, you have it on record to make subsequent applications even easier. And it’s available all the time at your convenience.

Concierge and Live Chat

You are not alone during this transaction. In addition to the built-in calculators, wizards and notes that make New Leaf Lending easy to use, we also provide live concierge service by phone and online. Call (877) 995-1700 and one of our experts will be happy to assist you. Or click on the Live Chat button for assistance online.


We provide state-of-the-art technology with a human touch to ensure that you get the right loan at the lowest possible price. Today, you purchase products and manage money via eTransactions. Paper processes are expensive and inefficient compared to real time communications that keep people informed and involved. A loan obtained using our technology helps ensure that weeks don’t slip by and jeopardize your opportunity to get the home of your dreams.
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